Passion for Design
and Longevity

Wood is remarkable. Each piece has a rich history and is truly unique. Our aim is to show off this natural beauty by creating designs that expose the character of the wood. We advocate all things authentic and cling on to the principle that if you buy quality, you buy less.

The name Purebred speaks to the character of the wood used in our creations. The wood is pure, single origin.  That means no plywood, no particle board, etc. Behind the first of layer of walnut, you will simply find more walnut. No veneers that chip away. No stains that fade and wear.

Kellen Catani is the chief woodworker behind the scenes. He draws from his engineering background and Italian heritage to create simple pieces that inspire an awe for nature and add a patient function to our lives. Catani's family came to the States with a viola to perform in New England's operas, eventually making it to the Met. Over the next century the family produced a plaster artist, a bridge builder, and now a furniture craftsman. At the end of the day, Catani's preeminent value is authenticity. Forming wood into functional objects is an expression of his passion. 


Clean Lines.
Respect for Nature

Check out our Pecha Kucha Presentation (2016)

Check out our Pecha Kucha Presentation (2016)

Purebred will always be more than a company. It is a philosophy, a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. True materials bring us life and grant us a connection with the earth. Patient crafting keeps us humble and honest and the complexity of nature overcomes our own ambitions and molds our designs into her likeness. Wood may come and go but we will never forsake our desire for what is true, what is quality, and what ultimately creates symbiosis with the earth.