Semigloss Ambrosia

Semigloss Ambrosia

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Ambrosia maple is a rare expression of maple. It is not it's own species, rather it is a maple tree that has become host to the ambrosia beetle. The colorful abstractions are the markings of this beetle.

These vessels are "twice-turned", indicating that the log was first roughly turned down to a thick bowl, then dried over the course of a few months, and then turned on the lathe for a second time. The bowl warps during the drying process, thus losing its symmetry. Turning the second times brings the symmetry back. Alternatively, bowls can be "once-turned" or "green-turned". In this style, the bowl must be turned to a uniformly thin profile, otherwise it will crack as it takes its shape during the drying process. The end result is a more organic aesthetic, suited for those who are less inclined to perfection. We find both styles to be wonderful, each with a personality, a function, and a place on the table.

Oil-based polyurethane finish for supreme longevity.

Agressive Style: 14" x 4"
Rounded Style: 11" x 7"


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