Hard Maple Butcher Blocks

Hard Maple Butcher Blocks

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End grain boards, or butcher blocks, are the supreme style of board for cutting. By their very nature, end grain boards absorb the shearing impact of a knife. This makes the board last much longer and it's is also easier on the blade. Ahah, there is a reason that butchers have made them this way for centuries! 

These end grain boards are composed of hard maple, the traditional species used for butcher blocks do to it's extreme hardness and lack of porousness.

The circular end grain board is greatly unique in that it is turned, meaning it has been shaped on a lathe (note how the side profile is shaped like a bowl). The rounded profile creates a grip for the hands and a positive aesthetic. Further, the surface of the bowl was turned slightly concave, so that the juices from things cut flow to the center of the board. We've never seen this design on the market and consider it some of our finest work.

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