Red Oak Burls purebred handmade wooden bowls-2.jpg

Red Oak Burls

purebred handmade wooden bowls-8.jpg purebred handmade wooden bowls-17.jpg

Cherry Burls

purebred handmade wooden bowls-13.jpg purebred handmade wooden bowls-10.jpg
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Maple Burls

purebred wood and craft co-6.jpg purebred wood and craft co-5.jpg
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Turned Walnut Servers

from 50.00
Purebred Handturned Wooden Bowls in Cherry-3.jpg Purebred Handturned Wooden Bowls in Cherry-4.jpg

Large Cherry Working Bowls

from 295.00
Purebred Handturned Wooden Bowls-4.jpg Purebred Handturned Wooden Bowls-7.jpg

Semigloss Ambrosia

from 190.00
Tapered Muddler Walnut Cocktail Muddler-3.jpg

Tapered Muddler

handmade wooden bowl-8.jpg handmade wooden bowl-5.jpg
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White oak Dishes

french tapered rolling pins handmade_-8.jpg Screenshot_20160511-090826.jpg

Walnut Tapered Rolling Pins

from 58.00
handmade wooden bowls-17.jpg handmade wooden bowls-19.jpg

Hard Maple Butcher Blocks

from 230.00