Large walnut serving board

Large walnut serving board


Yes, Purebred loves walnut. We can't really get enough to be quite honest. These servers are thick at approximately 2 inches and as such make a statement of beauty. We have selected a one of our large walnut serving boards specifically for Grant and Hailey. Your purchase will likely translate into a legacy item for their home.

Each edge has been pillowed by hand, meaning each face seamlessly flows into the next. This effect makes the servers soft on the eyes and on the hands. Each time we look at the boards we feel we are staring at a pillow, yet at first touch we are reminded of walnut's durability. Slow to create, these details take the servers to a new level of quality and longevity. 

Finely sanded, rinsed, and repeated so the surface remains smooth and silky.
Finished with our homemade beeswax and mineral oil balm. 

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