Geometric Bar/Desk

Geometric Bar/Desk

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The original concept for this collection was indeed a bar, which is why you find it with our bar tools. That said, we have found that it functions quite nicely as a standing desk. Either way, the steadiness of the marble and the acute base is sure to please the eye, the tools which rest upon it, and the room in which it rests.

The top is reclaimed Tennessee marble. One end is angled, and is depicted particularly well in the bird's eye photos. One option for placement is to situate the angled edge flush against the wall, thus angling the entire piece. When set up as such near the corner of a room, the presentation is similar to a catty corner. The marble carries an imperfect and matte polish on one side, providing a surface plenty smooth for writing. The other side is rougher, still perfectly adequate for mixing drinks, but you would likely want two or three stacked sheets of paper stacked for writing. 

The base for the smaller bar is composed of ambrosia maple. This is a highly desirous type of maple, revered for its rich abstractions. These can be seen on the last picture. These abstractions are produced by the ambrosia beetle, which finds a home in maple trees from time to time. Some of the segments also contain a curly figure. This is once again a highly sought after characteristic in maple, and in any species for that matter. The curly figure appears as a reflective waves on the piece. Indeed, the piece will actually appear to we wavy, though it is in reality perfectly flat.

  • 38.5" tall
  • 36" wide at its widest point
  • 27.5" wide at its narrowest point
  • 18.75" deep
  • 1.5" marble top
  • 1.375" ambrosia maple base
  • Satin polyurethane finish

The base for the larger bar is composed of quartersawn red oak. Quartersawing is a superior and more expensive milling process, whereupon the orientation of the growth rings are perpendicular to the width of the boards. In short this process increases dimensional stability and more importantly reveals the ray fleck. Ray fleck represents itself as subtle and abstract streaks of pale color distortion in the wood. Though quite subtle in this piece, these flecks add a distinct level of character and quality.

  • 41" tall
  • 44.25" wide at its widest point
  • 36" wide at its narrowest point
  • 18.75" deep
  • 1.25" thick marble top
  • 1.125" quartersawn red oak segments
  • Classic furniture wax finish


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