Circle Wall Mounts - Tomato Head Wood

Circle Wall Mounts - Tomato Head Wood


The last Tomato Head mount is currently on display at the Tomato Head in Knoxville, TN. It is for sale, but will not be delivered until after the show is complete on September 5th, 2016.

Each piece is wrapped in leather and displays a gradient from light to dark. No stains or additives were used; the color variance is purely from the natural patina in this old lumber, the wear and tear from ~100 years of use.

The wood is reclaimed flooring from the quintessential Knoxvillian eatery, The Tomato Head. Most people don't know how important this restaurant was (and is) to Knoxville's urban revitalization. They were pioneers, invading the downtown space with great food at a time when downtown was little more than an eyesore. I was lucky enough to live right next door to the restuarant when they renovated the floor. It was a long night in the dumpster fishing out the good pieces. Another long night to remove the nails. This wood has the most character of anything I have had the privilege of working with. It is very old, I only wish it could talk so it could tell me of the old happenings of Knoxville

14.5" Diameter
Each piece comes equipped for hanging.

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